Welcome to Carol’s painting website.

These blog posts are where you will find updates on what I have been up to in my painting endeavors. I will let you know about commissions I receive for paintings and show you progress on paintings I am working on. I tend to use a realistic style, perhaps somewhat impressionistic at times. My subject matter includes landscapes, coastal scenes, maritime scenes and portraits of both people and animals.

The list of various animals I have painted is lengthy: lions, tigers (no bears, oh my), cows, fox, dogs, and birds such as parrots, egrets, pelicans, piping plovers, and ring-necked pheasants. I have also painted a number of horses, but also horses and hounds on fox hunts.

Then there is the architecture I paint if it is interesting. There have been a number of commissions to paint people’s homes, but I have also painted barns, stables, row houses and other buildings that catch my¬†eye and hopefully yours too.

The maritime and landscape paintings range from cypress swamps to fields and pastures, beaches, and boats on the water. There are rugged New England / Maine coastal scenes to sandy beach scenes around the Chesapeake and the Caribbean. I have been commissioned to paint several boats and have done a number of boat or yacht paintings, both sail boats and power boats. Spinnakers are always fun because of the color.

I will also let you know when I have paintings in an art gallery or I take part in an art show.

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