Painting of Grapes – 3rd Sitting

Here is the third sitting of the grapes!


Besides the fact that I like to drink wine, I was inspired to paint this by two events. First, we took a tour of the Boordy Vineyards. The tour was very interesting and most of the wines we tasted afterward were quite nice. In the fall, my husband and I went with four friends to Basignani Winery to pick grapes. There were probably 30 or 40 people there and they showed us how to cut the grape bunches and toss them into plastic trays. Then they gave us a short tour and fed us lunch along with some of their wine. Since it was early fall when the grapes had ripened, the leaves were changing color as depicted in the painting. I am calling it a landscape painting, but in some ways it is almost more of a still life because of the close up nature of the painting.

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