Northport Landing Gallery Camden , Maine – Artwork on Display

Quick road trip to Camden, Maine in July with my friend Nancy was a delight with stops in Portsmouth, NH, and an overnight stay in Northport, ME with another friend Sue. Mission accomplished ~ dropped off four paintings to gallery owner Joy Armbrust. OMG! Joy’s art gallery is a feast for the eyes AND she even serves latte’s, expresso, and great stories to boot! Joy’s laugh is infectious !

If in the Camden area, please stop by the gallery,  which is located just a few miles north of Camden on US Rt 1

Above is a painting of Great Spruce Head Island. This island is where Fairfield Porter painted and belongs to his family. Each year Anina Porter holds Art Week where artists come together on an invitation only basis for a week and paint and share. I was lucky enough to be invited and this landscape painting of the coast of Great Spruce Head Island is one of the resulting paintings. Each day we trekked out with our painting gear, our easels, our brushes and paints and did plein air painting till the next meal and then went out and did it again.

I couldn’t resist painting this Piping Plover and the baby Piping Plovers. They are such fluff balls and so cute as they run around the beach.

Here is the finished painting of a scene at the Essex Shipbuilding Museum in Essex, MA. To see an earlier post with more detail about this coastal landscape painting, click here.

I have painted cows a number of times before. What was difficult in this landscape painting was getting the reflections in the water to look right.

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