New Marine Themed Still Life Painting

Here is the still life I am going to start working on.


I chose a maritime theme to paint. The binoculars were used by my husband’s family while sailing on their boat on the Chesapeake Bay. The lantern is a kerosene lantern or light that they hung as a mooring light each night when anchored out. The mug with the old salt and the mermaid was picked up on one of their vacations when he was young. The bronze compass made by Weems & Plath was given to us while we were members of the Annapolis Yacht Club. Then, of course, since we sail on the Chesapeake Bay, I just had to use the Maryland flag as part of the background. It is such a colorful and stylish flag. As I progress with this still life painting, I will update my progress with another blog post.

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