1. Varnish:Not only does a top coat of varnish protect oil paintings from dirt and dust, but it also creates depth and saturation of the oil colors and intensifies transparent glazes. My preference is to use non-yellowing GAMVAR conservation varnish which dries to a gloss finish. Further information: www.gamblincolors.com
  2. Canvas or Board:I use very high quality materials for all my paintings. Most of my canvases are high quality Belgium linen or cotton. I hand gesso all of my boards and canvasses, as needed
  3. Watercolor Paper: I use very high grade french paper of various weights
  4. Paint: I use professional grade paints, such as  Gamblin, Holbein, Old Holland, Winsor & Newton,Vasari.
  5. Medium: Hand-crafted Maroger medium is my medium of choice.


  1. What is it? Giclee’ printing blends a master printer’s craft and computer technology  in ink application. The word giclee’, pronounced “zhee-clay” translates from the French word meaning “ a spray “. More than 4 million droplets per second of a fine spray of archival quality ink, is applied to the highest quality of canvas or watercolor paper. High resolution digital scans capture the image of the original painting and then it is printed onto actual artist canvas using over 3 million color variations. Jeff Salava , the owner of Archival Arts, is a pro at digital scanning. His color approved, end result is a replica of the original with precise, dynamic color accuracy.
  2. Are all paintings made into giclee’s? No. Giclee’s and giclee’ edition size and quanity are at the artist’s discretion.

Signature Symbol :

  1. Instead of signing my name of all of my paintings, you will see my abbreviated name, CMc, in symbol format using red paint. In Scottish tradition, whenever there is a small c following an M, there are two dots beneath the small c, hence the use of the small dots on my website header as well as my signature. I always sign the back of my canvas or board with my full name, date and the title of the painting.

Plein Air Painting versus Studio Painting:

  1. Painting on location in the outdoors, capturing exquisite color and light, is called “Plein Air”. The purpose of plein air is to capture the essence of the subject matter in a limited time frame. Often times, plein air pieces are finished to become great studio works.

Framed or Unframed:

  1. Studio paintings are sold framed, unless a specific request is made not to do so. I use very high quality frames from a trusted local framer. If you choose to frame a piece by yourself, please consider the following:
    1. choose a frame to compliment the painting not the room or decor
    2. choose a frame to enhance the painting not detract
    3. choose a frame which makes your painting investment stand out

Payment :

  1. All art work  may be purchased on a mutually agreed upon payment schedule if desired
  2. Cash, Check and Credit Cards are accepted


  1. Shipping costs vary depending on the weight of the piece and the destination. All artwork is shipped insured and usually via USPS.

Commission Considerations:

There is nothing more special that an original piece of art, and particularly if you have decided the subject matter most meaningful to you. Commission prices vary according to the size, subject matter and complexity of the intended artwork. Framing is an additional cost .Some thoughts to consider when commissioning an original piece of art for you or as a gift:

  • Do you have a particular subject in mind? If so, do you have images of the subject ?
  • Do you have a specific location in mind? Do you have a specific size in mind?
  • Do you have a specific date which you will need to have the finished artwork?
  • What is your budget?
  • Would you like me to frame the piece or would you like to do same?

Of course I will help you work through the answers to these questions prior to your making the decision to proceed with a commissioned piece. References are available on request . To date I have received numerous commissions and I am delighted to ask for my clients permission to speak with you  about the commission process, working with me, quality standards, and end results.