Every artist dips his brush in his own soul and paints his own nature into his picture.

Henry Ward Beecher (1813-1887)


May you find this  journey a simple, visual feast and a glimpse into my creative and vibrant soul. Art is a life-long passion, which I have now transformed into a full time career. It is my hope that my life and prior career experiences in the medical, business, development, maritime and art fields add richness and complexity to my artistic representation of each subject matter I paint.

Inspired by nature, animals, architecture, and above all the human connection, I aspire to capture the essence and freshness of my broad subject range using pleasing design, broad strokes, lively color and vibration of light and shadows. When painting landscapes on location (Plein Air) I must be well-organized, quick and decisive to capture the essence before the light changes!

Understanding anatomy and mass is critical for painting animal portraits and human portraits.  I strive to evoke the particular attitude and soul of the being through the eyes. Dog portraits require compassionate understanding, allowing me to see the dog through the owners eyes.  For maritime pieces, when painting a sailing vessel, I pay strict and thoughtful attention to the detailed rigging, sails, and direction of the wind, so that I may depict the conditions accurately for a discriminating sailor’s eye. Architectural paintings require the same discernment, especially when commissioned for a house portrait.

Fulfilling a dream of being a successful artist is very exciting and I truly hope that you feel my exuberance and capture my enthusiasm in the pages of my new career. Please join my mailing list and let me know how I can improve ! I look forward to hearing from you.


Carol McClees, a native New Englander, married a native Marylander from Baltimore. While Carol has painted for more than 30 years, it wasn’t until sailing around the Chesapeake on her boat, Skean Dhu, that she truly understood the myriad and brilliance of outdoor artistry. With each breathtaking ….. [Read More]

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Quality Guarantee:
I use professional grade oil and watercolor paints as well as high quality boards and canvasses. Each painting is varnished before completion.